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Undertanding of Human Behaviour

Why do we act in the ways that we do? Whether it be on the personal, social, or even political scene, all of our actions are driven by our mental model founded in our beliefs. Understanding the origin of these beliefs and how they influence our life has been a focus of my research and the key to my teachings on how to release and reprogram them. The second we take control of our inner world and challenge the assumptions of our thought patterns, our life begins to change exponentially and our potential expands boundlessly.


Forefront of Research

A large part of my time is dedicated to researching and learning, constantly expanding my understanding of human behaviour. As part of this effort I founded Paradigm Labs, a non-profit research centre dedicated to empirically studying behaviour and wellbeing through non-conventional perspectives. We are currently investigating and reconstructing scales of consciousness allowing us to better understand the different perspectives of individuals, their relational ties, habits, and how to elevate and empower them.


Building Prosperous Future

On a fundamental level we all have a why backing all of our actions. Personally, I take that why very seriously and make sure that all of my undertakings and actions are connected to it. I envision a world where structures help to teach and elevate people, a world where every humans is inspired to be the best version of themselves and fully unleash their potential. All of my work so far has culminated to TribeHub, a platform I co-founded designed to advance humanity towards the vision of an abundant and prosperous global society.

TribeHub Website

Speaking: Personal Development


Belief, recurring patterns, mental models, instinct: survival and love, mindset, narrative.


Scales of consciousness, creating vs limiting reality, becoming an architect of life, thinking in higher dimensions, quantum sea of possibility, abundance.

Personal Growth

Daily systems and habits, willpower training, inspiration vs desperation, building yourself, self-awareness, confronting fears and blockages, letting go.

Speaking: Technology

Recently I have started giving Keynotes about technology advancements and human behaviour.

-AI Consciousness

-Blockchain and Behaviour

-Technology is changing our psychology


  “Oliver has a natural gift for public speaking. I had the pleasure of seeing him present at a blockchain conference to an auditorium of people from a vast range of disciplines. He commanded the stage in a subtle and understated way. He has a rare ability, that I’ve only ever seen with the likes of comedian Eddie Izzard and Rockstar Robbie Williams, which is to make a room/auditorium/grandstand of hundreds/thousands of people feel like he is speaking to them individually in their lounge. As well as being confident, credible and likeable, he has an infectious optimism for the future.”  

- Niki Nikolaou, Director of Business at Contentworks Agency


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